Gig in Lund on the 23rd moved to club distortion in malmoe! See you there wildhearts! /dirty Mike and the boys

Ps.has anyone seen a prius?

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Norway are you ready to rock

We’ve had a great couple of gigs lately and now we’re entering Norway for the first time! We hope to see alot of wildhearts there and to have a hell of a party!

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Letting it out!

Right now we’re booking shows, mainly in europe. So keep your eyes open, we might just drop in on ya!
Tips on venues for us to play would be appreciated! We’ll also put out some live videos soon!


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the albums out!

The new album is out! We had a blast at the release party, thanks to all you WildHearts that made our night fucking awesome!
And for all of you that haven’t bought it yet, listen to the new album here: SPOTIFY

Then get a copy here:

/The Wild Boys

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The long wait is over!
The album will be released on Januari 10th!
You can pre-order the album here:
We’re also throwing a release party on Babel, januari 10th. Read more under “tour”.

Here’s an album preview.

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